The process







we prepare

your manuscript


It's agonisingly difficult for most people to write a book, but when you've slaved away, often for years, to get it right, trust that with our help you will get it read. The first thing we do is send your work to a professional manuscript editor. Once it's back, we talk to you about how to improve it based on the editor's report. That's the hard part over with, but it's not The End. We send the edited mansucript to a professional copyeditor and proofreader, who helps to provide the final polish and 'finish' we require. Meanwhile, we (that's you, too) have been talking about the cover, front and back, to a professional cover designer, who willl come up with a design we all love.


we publish

your book


This is where it really gets exciting. We start having cool publishing jargon conversations with you about prelims, end matter, spine widths, paper stock, artwork and print runs, while a professional typesetter (often working in Adobe InDesign) gets the polished manuscript on to the page – or to be specific, the 300-odd pages required for a typical paperback, which is between 80,000 and 100,000 words. Then it's time to let the presses roll, and make sure you're at home to receive the first, gleaming copies of your beautiful book. Open the box, open your book and give it a good sniff. Ah, you did it! (cue champagne-cork pop). Oh, and by that time we'll have steered your manuscript into e-book format, if that's what you want, using world-class script converters to get those complex bits of formatting just right for Amazon Kindle or other e-readers.

time to fly, Swallow 

you promote

your book –

and yourself


This bit can get scary, and you may well need your (non-writing) hand holding while you brace yourself to face the world. Book launches, press events, social media campaigns, professional photographs, author talks and book signings ... these are the things you need to do once we've persuaded you out of your garret. By far the best advertisement and 'marketing tool' for your book is you, so we will smarten you up and prepare you to be your own book's ambassador. It's great fun, actually, because people love talking to authors, especially if they like their book. Swallow Books will help you start the process of promoting your book – and yourself as an author.